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Addressing construction activity risk factors for safe building water activation.

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phiConstruction service offerings include:

  • WMC Construction Policy Audits
  • WMC During Construction Activities
  • WMC During Commissioning Activities


  • Reduce the risk of waterborne disease from construction activities
  • Increase building owner defensibility
  • Improve real estate / asset management
  • Reduce the long-term impacts of soil / sediment invasion in water systems
  • Integrate existing Water Management Program (WMP) team structure with risk management, facility management, planning design & construction, and real estate management departments for defensible consistency
  • Use cloud-based documentation to track verification and validation steps

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More about phiConstruction

Phigenics WMC (Water Management for Construction) addresses known construction risk factors within your organization’s water management program for alignment with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188. Phigenics integrates risk management, facilities management, infection prevention, planning design & construction, and real estate management for defensible consistency.


More about Phigenics

Phigenics does not sell chemicals, disinfection devices or remediation services. Instead, we offer defensible, independent third-party advice. If you have specific questions please give us a call at 844.850.4087 or email: info@phigenics.com.