Water Management for Sterile Processing (SPD)

Addressing Water Safety and Quality.

Phigenics MDR

Phigenics WM for Sterile Processing Services Include:

  • WM for SPD - Water Management Program Operations for SPD facilities or integrating into an existing program.
  • Verification Services - Review of Water System Monitoring, Equipment Maintenance Requirements and System Sanitization. 
  • Validation Services - Monthly HPC of critical water, and quarterly AAMI panel for critical water and utility water. 


  • Reduce the risk of waterborne disease from poor water quality
  • Increase building owner defensibility
  • Increase water use efficiencies 
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Reduce risk of non-sterilized medical devices
  • Integrate existing WMP with Sterile Processing team members for defensibility consistency
  • Use cloud-based documentation to track verification and validation steps to support defensibility of Sterile Processing quality and safety

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More about Sterile Processing

Sterile Processing, or medical device processing, is the disinfection, cleaning, remanufacturing, testing, packaging and labeling, and sterilization among other steps, of a used, medical device to be put in service again. Various water sources, including steam, play a critical role in achieving a reprocessed device that is safe and reliable for surgical use. In addition to the water providing impurities, it can impact detergent, enzyme cleaners and disinfectants used in the MDR process.


More about Phigenics

Phigenics does not sell chemicals, disinfection devices or remediation services. Instead, we offer defensible, independent third-party advice. If you have specific questions please give us a call at 844.850.4087 or email: info@phigenics.com.