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Common Questions about Water Quality Monitoring

What is water quality monitoring?

What is water quality monitoring?

Water quality monitoring is regularly gathering important parameters related to a building water system, such as disinfectant levels, temperature, pressure, pH, and conductivity.

Why monitor my water?

Why monitor my water?

Proper water quality monitoring generates data that not only increases defensibility but also incorporates verification (initial and ongoing confirmation that the program is being implemented as designed). Water quality monitoring helps to ensure the proper balance between water safety and water efficiency.  Additionally, per ASHRAE Standard 188, proper documentation and verification are crucial. Monitoring allows for a proactive response when limits are not met or exceeded.

At what frequency should I monitor my water?

At what frequency should I monitor my water?

The frequency of monitoring is defined by the Water Management Team (WMT) and may change over time, based upon program data and performance. Considerations for the decision are the situation, facility size, historical evidence of water quality and system operation.


What’s the right combination of Legionella testing and water quality monitoring?

A combination of both periodic Legionella testing (validation) and continuous water quality monitoring (verification), allows the WMT to make better informed decisions that drive validation and verification. An effective combination of the two optimizes the cost of the water system and enhances safety and efficiency.


Where in my facility should I be monitoring?

The water quality parameters can vary based on the monitoring location in the facility. The WMT may also choose to monitor areas of the facility with higher risk factors or implement specific measures based upon the Water Management Program's validation and verification data.


Can I use my existing monitoring equipment?

Yes, a Phigenics Diagnostic Exchange (PDX) can integrate with existing water quality monitoring equipment; data can be sent to phiAnalytics®. phiAnalytics is a cloud-based information management system which empowers Water Management Teams to collaborate, document, verify and validate.


What are the benefits of installing monitoring equipment?

The benefits include: proactive response vs. reactive approach, access to defensible data, increased efficiency and decreased labor associated with water quality monitoring (automatic real-time vs. repeated manual checks).


What parameters can be monitored?

The key is selecting meaningful water quality parameters that provide value at your facility. All monitoring equipment can be customized to accommodate the data stream unique to your water systems:

  • Residual Oxidant
  • Turbidity
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Many others

What are the benefits of turnkey Phigenics monitoring equipment?

The Phigenics Water Analytics (PWA) is a fully integrated system that is panel or skid-mounted with pre-wired and pre-plumbed configurations enabling turnkey installations.

PWA Base Monitoring

PWA Base Monitoring*

  • Includes:
  • Phigenics Diagnostic Exchange (PDX) and Chlorine Analyzer
  • Optional:
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor

*Complies with VHA Directive 1061

PWA Advanced Monitoring

PWA Advanced Monitoring*

  • Includes:
  • Base Monitoring: Phigenics Diagnostic Exchange (PDX) and Chlorine Analyzer
  • pH Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Conductivity Sensor
  • Optional:
  • Skid or Panel Configuration

*Complies with VHA Directive 1061


Empowered Water Monitoring

PDX – Phigenics Diagnostic Exchange:

  • Automatically collects and logs data at user-selected intervals
  • Logs device data, provides date/time stamps and stores in non-volatile memory
  • Stores interval data locally until the next scheduled upload
  • Supports a ModBus interface plus eight additional analog or pulse input signals
  • Receives data from up to 32 additional sensor systems that support ModBus
  • Transports data to Phigenics servers over a cellular or Ethernet Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Logs data in real time to phiAnalytics where it is stored safely and securely
PDX – Phigenics Diagnostic Exchange:


Empowered Water Monitoring

CLX – Continuous Chlorine Residual Monitor:

  • Measures free residual oxidant (FRO) or total residual oxidant (TRO) using EPA-accepted DPD colorimetric test method for measuring chlorine
  • Measures chlorine residuals at configurable frequencies as short as 110 seconds
  • Supports water sample temperatures directly up to 131° F, and up to 150° F using a sample cooler
  • Supports a ModBus interface plus eight additional analog or pulse input signals
  • Aligns with US EPA regulation 40 CFR 140.74, Standard Method 4500-CLG, and US EPA Method 334.0 “Determination of Residual Chlorine in Drinking Water Using an Online Chlorine Analyzer”


How does phiAnalytics® empower water monitoring equipment?

phiAnalytics® is a cloud-based information management system which empowers Water Management Teams to collaborate, document, verify and validate. phiAnalytics provides affordable, secure, cloud-based access to the right information when you need it. Securely access all of your essential water management information with a simple web browser, plus:

  • Drive proactive and predictive management of key water systems
  • Receive alert notifications when systems are outside of specification
  • Warehouse and access laboratory reports, regulatory compliance reports, and water management program documents in one convenient, backed-up location
  • Compare the performance of systems, facilities and vendors with graphical representations of trends
  • Analyze water management metrics for individual systems or in aggregate across multiple systems, facilities or vendors
  • Manually input any measurement or data elements
  • Automatically monitor sensor and meter readings in analog, digital, pulse or ModBus data formats
  • Integrate with facility data logging systems
  • Export data to MS Excel
  • Includes packaged supplemental disinfection monitoring and reporting systems
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Why Phigenics?

Phigenics is a pioneer in preventing disease and injury caused by bacteria and other hazards in building water and improving the financial performance of organizations that process and use water.

We provide INDEPENDENT, expert guidance to individuals responsible for facility management, infection prevention, sustainability, health and safety. Our services ensure legally defensible best practices by focusing on verification and validation, water system performance to protect capital assets and reduction of operating expenses.


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