Innovative Water Safety and Efficiency for 20 Years

Phigenics is the only INDEPENDENT provider of ANSI/ASHRAE 188-aligned and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) S&C 17-30-aligned water management programs.


Why Phigenics?


Phigenics provides water management programs and services to improve the safety and optimize the efficiency of your building water systems. We do not sell water treatment or hazard control chemicals and we are not driven to provide a solution that is restricted to an internal product line. We are a vested partner in your water management program that can deliver INDEPENDENT guidance that is defensible against claims of negligence and help to validate sustainability claims.


Phigenics is committed to helping facilities prevent disease resulting from waterborne pathogens and manage the world's most precious resource. We work to ensure that our clients are following best practices and are aligned with existing and forthcoming industry standards, such as ANSI Standards, Guidelines and Directives from ASHRAE (Stds188 & 189, Guideline 12-2000), NSF Intl (Stds 444 & 453), VHA Directive 1061, Cooling Technology Institute Guideline
WTB- 148, WELL Building Standard and USGBC LEED.


The Phigenics Validation Test (PVT) delivers the fastest and most accurate Legionella testing service by applying the Phigenics patented TimeZero test method. We have also developed a proprietary web-based water management platform designed to capture and manage critical data. This solution helps our clients maintain defensible documentation and make informed, data-driven decisions.