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Phigenics announces new Water Management for Construction services to advance facility operations for building water safety in alignment with industry standards

Posted by Monica Keil on Jan 28, 2020 4:25:13 PM
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Phigenics announces the introduction of their new phiConstruction℠ service offering. phiConstruction addresses Water Management for Construction (WMC) to manage known construction risk factors within an organization's water management program (WMP).

The service allows building owners to reduce the potential for growth and spread of Legionella and other waterborne pathogens in building water systems for alignment with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188:2018. To achieve alignment with industry standards such as ANSI ASHRAE 188:2018, building owners are required to perform WMP surveys for existing buildings, and surveys prior to any renovation, addition or modification to an existing building, as well as prior to occupancy of any new building.

A recent study examined connections between construction activities and waterborne pathogens. As principal investigator, Dr. Molly Scanlon, FAIA, FACHA, Phigenics Director of Standards, Compliance, and Research, found Legionella has a 50 year history of association with construction risk factors. "Based on our review of scientific literature, construction activities have been associated with disease cases linked to waterborne pathogens since 1965. Our team's findings suggest the time period between the start-up of the building water distribution system during construction, and first business day of operations, involves a critical schedule of events to reduce risk. A comprehensive water management program inclusive of construction activities should be implemented to reduce the risk of disease cases from Legionella and other waterborne pathogens. Although many building owners are implementing water management programs, we find few understand the risks associated with construction activities. This is especially important for healthcare providers performing construction activities within and near patient care settings treating immunocompromised patients." 

Phigenics integrates risk management, facilities management, planning design & construction, infection prevention, and real estate management professionals for defensible consistency within the phiConstruction service offering.  phiConstruction service offering includes Water Management for Construction (WMC) Policy Audits, WMC During Construction Activities, and WMC During Commission Activities.

Phigenics works with water management teams to address water safety issues during construction activities, including: alignment with ANSI/ASHRAE 188: 2018, water service disruptions, soil/sediment invasion of water systems, proper flushing and disinfection of water systems, and water management commissioning from beneficial occupancy through the first business day of operations.

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Those interested in learning more about Phigenics phiConstruction services please visit:  Phigenics will be hosting a public webinar featuring Dr. Molly Scanlon on March 12, 2020 at 10am central time.  Registration will be opening in early February and will be accessible through


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