Water Management Services for
VA Medical Centers and Facilities

Optimizing water management costs while improving safety and efficiency


Phigenics Services Include:

Water Management Programs in alignment with VHA Directive 1061


             Operations & Ongoing Support

             Audits / Updates / Recurring Reviews

Continuous Water Monitoring Equipment in alignment with VHA Directive 1061

Sterile Processing Services (SPS) Audits & Programs in alignment with VHA Directive 1116(2)

Efficiency & Cost Optimization Audits & Programs of potable and utility water

Supplemental Disinfection Decision Support Audits (effectiveness, costs, safety, maintenance)

Water Management for Construction

Legionella Tests in alignment with VHA Directive 1061

            ISO 11731 Legionella Test – Reports in 10-14 days

            TimeZero Legionella Test – Reports in 4 days (no water shipment


Other Legionella Tests

            NextDay PCR Legionella Test – Report in 1 day (99.9% accurate)

            (screen large # of locations quickly and cost effectively)

            Legionella Genomics Test

Other Environmental and Water Chemistry Tests

            Mycobacteria, Pseudomonas, Aspergillus & other pathogens

            Boiler Water, Cooling Tower, Closed Loop Panels

            AAMI/Hemodialysis Water Profile

            Dental Water Testing – Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC)

            Sterile Processing Services (SPS) Tests

            Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Tests

            And many other tests and panels



GSA Schedule Number: GS-21F-0041Y

NAICS Codes:

541620 Environmental Consulting Services
561210 Facilities Support Services
541380 Testing Laboratories
541690 Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
221310    Water Supply and Irrigation Systems


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Click here to view the Engineering Standard ES-2019-001 for Cooling Tower Water Systems (February 2021)

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VA Medical Centers and Facilities

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More about VA Services

Phigenics has developed the Water Management Programs for 63 VA Medical Centers, performed Legionella Testing at 91 VA Medical Centers and Dental Water Testing at 25 VA Medical Centers.  We have provided and maintained 265 Water Monitoring Systems (including many Supplemental Disinfection Systems) at 45 VA Medical Centers.  We are now developing Water Management Programs and providing testing for Sterile Processing Services at many VA Medical Centers with more set to come online in the near future.

We know and understand the challenges faced by VA Medical Centers and clinics.  Let us help you maintain and update your Water Management Program by providing water management support services to your Water Safety Committees in order to stay in compliance with all applicable VHA Directives as well as Local, State and Federal laws and guidelines.


More about Phigenics

Phigenics was founded in 2004 with the vision of
"Optimizing operational efficiency and improving safety in building water systems to produce balanced systems that save money and enhance the quality of life." The company is the leading INDEPENDENT provider of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188, VHA Directive 1061, and Directive 1116(2) aligned water management programs. Phigenics
also provides independent verification and validation services to ensure the water management programs are safe, efficient, and defensible while optimizing operational (water, chemical, energy, labor) and capital costs. If you have specific questions please give us a call at
844.850.4087 or email: info@phigenics.com.