Water Management Services (WMS) Rapid Response COVID-19

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COVID-19 Adaptive Reuse of Space

Various building spaces are being considered for alternative use during local, state, or federal COVID-19 public health response. Adaptive reuse could apply to healthcare, hospitality, education, commercial business buildings or large convention/sports venues. These spaces may be used for screening, triage, patient care, quarantine, staff quarters, or temporary housing occupancies. Yet, scientific evidence found opening facilities without proper water management commissioning services has led to waterborne disease cases and deaths. Water quality in unoccupied areas may not be safe for patient care operations or human consumption depending upon a variety of factors related to building occupancy type or the time the space has been dormant. 


WMS Rapid Response Services COVID-19:

Commissioning Protocols

  • Sampling Plan
  • Flushing
  • Disinfection
  • Fixture Cleaning

Microbio Panel Analysis

  • Next Day Legionella PCR
  • Total Bacteria (THAB)
  • TimeZero™ Legionella
  • Total Coliform

Water Chemistry Analysis

  • Metals Analysis
  • Discolored Water
  • Turbidity


  • Reduce the risk of waterborne disease from adaptive reuse of space
  • Maintaining reliable source of water during an urgent response
  • Reduce dependency on limited outside water sources (low bottled water
  • Confidently perform hand hygiene and bathing activities during infectious
    disease outbreak
  • Protect healthcare staff & caregivers
  • Increase building owner defensibility
  • Improve real estate / asset management
  • Use cloud-based documentation to track verification and validation steps

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Click here to see Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Guidance for Building Water Systems from the CDC.

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More about WMS Rapid Response

As part of advancing best practices for your organization’s water management program, through the WMS Rapid Response service offering, Phigenics works with your facility operations and water management team to address water safety issues for adaptive reuse of space during urgent response.


More about Phigenics

Phigenics does not sell chemicals, disinfection devices or remediation services. Instead, we offer defensible, independent third-party advice. If you have specific questions please give us a call at 844.850.4087 or email: info@phigenics.com.