Knowledge-Based Approach to Maintaining Chiller Efficiency


ChillerCheck® - Your Always Available Chiller Expert

  • Load data into a web-based application in one of three ways:
    • Visit all operating chillers, collect data and enter directly via smartphone, tablet or PC (preferably daily at peak load)
    • Set up a routine to enter data automatically from Building Automation System (BAS)
    • Install a data collection device in the mechanical room to pull data directly from chiller(s)
  • Efficiency losses/problems are identified and quantified in dollars
  • For each problem, a list of things to check / corrective actions are listed in priority order
  • Efficiency is restored or maintained

ChillerCheck® Identifies Problems

  • Fouled condenser or evaporator tubes
  • Loss of refrigerant charge
  • Cooling tower problems
  • Water flow problems
  • Non-condensables in the chiller
  • Incorrect chill water or condenser water temperature set points


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